I need help choosing a case

whats up you guys i wanted to know which is better the cm 692 advanced or the nzxt tempest evo.
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  1. I own the cm 690 original without side window and there's not a world of difference between it and the advanced II... expect maybe price :)

    cons: some of the tool-less layout is a little bit cheap feeling

    attaching a fan on the side of the case even with rubber vibration dampeners causes a whole lot of noise; with the gpu area side fan installed on my case my system was approximately 50% louder at idle.. ofc ymmv

    Front and top panels designed by Satan himself

    pros: somewhat decent airflow and also decent cable management.. plenty of room and nice finish inside so you don't need to worry about cutting your fingers off..
    plenty of other fan mounting options besides on the noisy side case mounts
    pre-installed liquid cooling holes. bottom mounted PSU (if you consider this a pro)... dust filters work pretty well

    unfortunately I've no experience with NZXT chassis
  2. NZXT is higher quality but the brand is generally more expensive, what kind of hardware are you planning in putting in to this case?
    Of the 2 I would go for the CM but there are better options out there.
  3. Ok can you give me some link or something to the ones you think are better because these are the best ones ive seen in the 100 dollar price range
  4. Silverstone Rv01 FTW!!!
  5. ZombieAttack27 said:
    Silverstone Rv01 FTW!!!

    Although I do love the rotated design (I have the Silverstone Fortress, same beast in a different shell really), it might be (unfortunately) a bit out of OP's price range ($100).
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