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Mixing RAM Intel D945GT

Hello everyone,
I have an old computer with a Intel motherboard D945GT.
Recently i bought 2gb ram 667 Mhz and put it to the computer to revive the old pc XD.
At first i had some problems because i had 1 gb of ram in channel A and 2gb of ram in channel b, the loading screen started to freeze and also when i was working. Then i read about the motherboard memory and realize that it was capable of the 2gb of ram, only and only if, i used 2 separate 1 gb of ram in Dual Channel.

I didn't know about it, FAILL!!!

SOO... I was thinking of putting both, the 1gb and 2 gb of ram, in channel A to see if it works or not.

Do you think it is a bad idea?
It is not recommendable for the motherboard ?
Will it be okay if I leave like that?

Thanks in advanced for your help. XD
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    Return the 2gb stick and replace it with 2 x 1gb dual channel kit. Omit your 1gb ram currently installed.
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