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I am building a gaming setup soon, and didn't know which SSD to pick since i'm not that good in storage stuff.

OCZ Agility 3 Series 60 Go costs about 69 euros
OCZ Petrol Series 64 Go costs about 59 euros
Crucial M4 64 Go costs about 79 euros

I was going to pick the petrol one since its cheaper, but some people told me that OCZ have some problems on their ssds, and that ssd isn't that powerful, i just want to set it as boot drive, and install couple of games, i will have a 320 WD hdd for the other stuff.

Which one should i choose? and is the crucial M4 really worth 20 euros more than the petrol one?
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  2. My top choices are the Crucial M4's and the Samsung 830.
    I ONLY recommend the Agility III if that is ALL you can afford, and/or if you are putting it on a SATA II port (kind of a waste to put it on SATA III since it performance no better).

    Pertrol is also a low end SSD (think it also uses async NAND chips similar to the Agility III).

    Comparison - Agility III vs Crucial M4.
    .. M4 4 Gigs more space. Important when you are at the LOW end of recommended size. True for Both, Your USABLE space is about 14 -> 15 % less than advertized. So for 60 gigs; (1) you lose 4 gigs because manuf use decimals not powers of 2, and (2) must leave a MIN of 10 % (I recommend 15%) Unused so that trim, CG and wear leveling can work their magic.
    .. Must admit the agility III is WAY faster than a HDD BUT Performance wise, M4 MUCH better than Agility III

    NOTE: I have 2 ea 128 gig M4's, 2 ea 128 gig Samsung 830 (also my recommend choice), and 2 ea 120 Gig Agility IIs.

    Bottom Line, In My opinion the M4 is DEFINATLE worth the 10 Quid ($15 US) premium.
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