Which psu for HD 5970?

can any one recommend me a psu for a saphire HD 5970?
it will also have to power-
Asus P6Tdeluxe V2 motherboard
core i7 920 cpu
1 2 TB hard drive
1 500GB hard drive
blu-ray disc player
x-fi elite pro sound card
6x2 GB ddr3 ram @ 1333 MHz

I think thats all, any other questions then just ask...;)
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  1. Something good = /

    That's the 2GB card not the 4GB one?

    I'd go min. 650w
    If you want to crossfire later 850w
    If plan to use it for two years or more i'd go for a 750 (950 for crossifre..)

    What's your budget? have you installed PSU's before, were they modular or not, and if so, any preference?
  2. hi and thnx for the reply.
    heres the story...:(
    I had a silverstone element 850W psu ( non modular ) which gave out on me:(
    so I figured Id get another and upgrade my video card...
    thing is i'm usin an antec skeleton open air case so i doubt it will fit, at least someone told me it might not, but i'm going to get one and try anyway.
    I wont be going for x fire as a 2GB video card should do the trick on all games.
    budget is about £100 I wont go over £100 as if the next psu goes i'd have to start all over again.
    I built my pc myself, sothats not a problem.
    I am thinking of going for this psu
    my motherboard requires dual +12v rails, but I asked this on the forum in another post and some guys said it would be fine...
    let me know what u think...;)
  3. didn't know there was a 4GB 5970...where can I get one from?
  4. Maybe a modular PSU like the Corsair 650W HX for that case, I don't know for sure, never used something like that.
  5. yeah that was prob 2nd on my list but costs about £30 pounds xtra @ bout £100 pounds so am not sure yet...thanx anyway man...:)
  6. ayazakram said:
    didn't know there was a 4GB 5970...where can I get one from?

    saphire 4gb 5970 lol


    i'd recommend a corsair TX if you don't care about it being modular... this one is £8 over your budget = /


    ..or even http://www.ebuyer.com/product/135514 this would run a 5970 .. ymmv
  7. thanx...:)

    i've gone for the corsair hx mod 650w psu...
    just out of interest...what psu would be able to power the 4 gb version of the 5970?
  8. You don't need a 4GB frame buffer unless you are running a 3+ display setup for your gaming.. Also, i am not sure about a 650W adequately powering a 5970 along with other system components that you have (also taking overclocking into consideration)..
  9. i'll probably never overclock as someone said the shelf life of overclocked components is drastically reduced, you HAVE got me worrid as to wether the hx 650 w will power the rest of my components, however, anyone know where I can get the relevant info from?
  10. thanx mate...:)
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