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I bought tow laptops, Both HP one is runnig on Core2 Due 2.13 2MB cach and 320 HDD, 512 ATI, the other one is I7 1.6 Quad Edition with 6MB cach and 500 GB HDD, 1GB nVidia, when I run the windows performance rate, I got the same result, 4.1 and it also rating the processor calculation are the same rate can you give me any hint.
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  1. The microsoft windows performance rating is arbitrary. I actually get higher ratings with onboard video than with a separate video card, but I know from experience that the separate video card is faster for gaming. Ignore the ratings.
  2. I Contact Intel and here is the Answer ...
    Thanks for contacting Intel Customer Support.
    Kindly note the following:
    Performance of a computer system depends on many factors such as Memory size/speed, hard disk technology, firmware and BIOS versions, processor and softwares including the operating system and the different applications installed on the computer.

    You may not notice performance difference between a low configuration and high configuration computer if your software doesn’t require the high performance. For example you don’t need a high-end processor just to browse the internet or check emails, consequently performance difference may not be noticeable in such light-weight applications.

    We advise you to refer to your computer manufacturer since Intel is not responsible
    for other companies support.
    Any Comment ..
    And finally, you can try to install different applications that may show you the difference in performance such as converting a video file from one format to another, 3DMark software and others.
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