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Hey i recently built a computer (about 3 weeks ago) and i've had a specific problem being that my computer is only recognizing 2gb of ram out of the 6 that i've installed.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07 GHz 3.07 GHz
windows 7 64bit
x58 sabertooth motherboard.
and i physically installed patriot memory 1600mhz
I've run some troubleshoots and so far i'm thinking that it must be my motherboard or ram. i called the memory company and asus, the asus employee was absolutely no help at all and the patriot tech support said that it's possible that its a defective piece which it could be but i wanted some advice from other people before i send in for a new piece.

P.S when i press the memory ok button on the motherboard it does read 6gb of ram for about an hour and then in thin air it just changes to 2gb.
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  1. What does it say in the BIOS? The chances are that it's bad RAM and you should if possible, get a refund/replacement. If under warranty of course.

    Is it dual-channel? Tri-channel?
  2. I use that board in my gaming machine, that I just upgrade, and one of the first things I did was go to the Asus support page and look up what memory to use from their QVL.
    this is what I'm using with no problems http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145295
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