Corsair H50 - How the hell would I install it?

I am going to be getting the Corsair H50, but I have no clue how I would install it. Like where I put the radiator and the included fan. I am using a CM HAF 922 with an AM3 processor.
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  1. I did it just two weeks ago. I'll link my review on newegg so you know the exact screw sizes you need in order to add a push/pull fan set up
  2. I seemed to have posted this in the wrong thread. Anyways heres my newegg review that inlcudes the measurements for the hardware you need for a 2nd fan:

    Pros: My Idle temps dropped 10C and my Max temps dropped 20C.

    Im not going to give specific numbers because those change based on your ambient temps.

    All I can say is, when I installed the H50 it dropped my MAX TEMP to that of my old IDLE TEMP

    Cons: None

    Other Thoughts: Install on an Antec1200 Case requires you to install it in the lower 120mm fan slot. If you try to install it in the upper 120mm fan slot it contacts the 200mm topfan.

    Also it doesnt come with screws to install the 2nd fan, and in my case the case screws that the fan usually installs with were all wrong. So for a 1" thick Fan you will need 6/32 diameter metal screws with a 1 1/4" length. Lowes $1.18
  3. thanks
  4. Cmcghee358 and Alvin, thanks for posting your info.

    Here's some additional info:
  5. Well, as a certified "hater" of H2O cooling, ... I must say that I am definately tempted.
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