Only +/- 30 to 40 FPS in BFBC2 with new 5850

I replaced my old 8800 gtx with this card because it was having a hard time with BFBC2.
When i swapped cards i was hoping for + 60 FPS
But i only had a marginal improvement?

First i thought the pcie 1.1 on my mobo might be the problem. But after some reading I concluded that it can't be a problem (pcie 2.0 *8 = pcie 1.1 16*)

So what might be the problem ?
system : intel E6750 2.6 Ghz running @ 3.2 GHZ on a P5K mobo with 4 gig of ram.
Gpu is a Sapphire 5850 toxic.

gaming resolution is only 1650*1050 and all settings maxed out. from al recent benchmarks i saw this card shouldbe able to beat the 60+ limit easy..
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  1. 1680x1050 is still a rather CPU-dependent resolution, and BFBC2 happens to be a rather CPU-heavy game. It specifically recommends quad-core CPUs. Dual-core is only the minimum.

    All I can suggest is reducing some of the settings, such as AA, and perhaps turn off the HBAO, then see how it performs.
  2. so basically you say...
    get another cpu ? :D
    (yes i am looking for an excuse :P)
  3. LOL. I didn't say that, I just said that in your current configuration, you may not be able to maintain an optimum FPS rate while using the maximum settings and to try reducing them.

    You like that wording any better? :D
  4. BC2 really likes quads; my QX9650 hovers around 80% on all four cores, so that probably hurts a bit.

    Besides that, if you are using DX11 mode, thats about the maximum FPS you could expect on a 5850.
  5. Same problems as this fellow , he also came from a 8800 and went to a 5850.
    Try running in dx9 and disable HBAO in advanced settings.
  6. Odan said:
    so basically you say...
    get another cpu ? :D
    (yes i am looking for an excuse :P)

    Here is your excuse. BC2 is a VERY demanding game. It eats CPU's for dinner and GPU's for desert. Everyone that I know who has a dual cord says this thing runs at 90%+. If you have a quad core it spreads that across all cores more evenly. And STILL is demanding on a quad core cpu. Look at this portion of a review regarding hardware and BC2. It shows an i7 920 vs and i7 975 using both an ATI 5850 and GTX 285. Notice what the difference is on even the highend CPU's. So your e6750 is just SCREAMING. The game has alot if physics which eats cpu utilization.

    Also to put this in perspective for you. I have a 5870, which had to be sent back to ASUS for an RMA. In the mean time I am running an 8800GTX at 1680x1050. I turned off AA, AF, and HBOA. Everything else is HIGH, Vsync is ON, in DX10. I get a solid 60FPS and it actually looks REALLY good, I was impressed. The only kicker is I am running off an i7 920 @ 4GHz. I guarantee that is the only reason I am getting the frame that I am, if it was running on your e6750, I bet I would get half that.
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