E3300 or e6500

Will the gains from going to the e6500 be noticible? This is going into a spare pc and will be used for playing older games some, and blu ray. its not my main system so i dont need a beefy processor.

Specs are


ddr 1066 ram.

Links to comparison.

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  1. I would go with the E6500. The price difference is not that much and the E6500 is a better chip. 400mhz faster and more cache.
  2. thats what im thinking too, not to mention i also have a 15 dollar newegg gift card that i'll be using on this.
  3. Or try out the E5300 for $66

    2.6GHz, same cache as the E6500. 300Mhz slower but $13 cheaper. I have one and it can overclock 1GHz to 3.6GHz at 1.31v with a cheap $12 cooler.

    If you don't plan to OC, then the E6500 will be great.
  4. i plan to overclock but with the stock cooler. like i said this is not my gaming system, im just trying to use my old parts from when i upgraded to a new mother board and cpu etc. i figured i have everything but a power supply and cpu left over so i may as well just have 2 computers.
  5. Compare it

    I will say E6500 is better than E3300

  6. The E6500 has a faster FSB too. Good little chips and the bigger cache will make a difference too.

    I myself use the E6700 Pentium, its a fantastic little chip and well worth the price. On newegg its only $20 more than the E6500, so something to consider.
  7. I agree with Craig
  8. Also you've got to consider, that an E3300 maybe fast enough now but in 6-12 months will it be? Atleast going for a E6500 or higher you'll be giving yourself that little bit more headroom.

    My E6700 has overclocked very easily to 4GHz too! An E3300 might need some serious cooling or voltage increase to get to that.
  9. You might be better off getting a $100 Q8200 at Microcenter, or a used 775 quad on ebay.
  10. I have decieded to get the open box e3300 on newegg and use my 15$ gift card on it to get it shiped to my house for 25 bucks. I dont really need alot of performance as this will be used for blu ray, and also as a storage pc. some games will be played on it but they will be by my daughter. and by the time shes old enough to play crysis, or gta 3 and 4 i think my current main rig will be the retired old rig.

    My other pc is:
    2x gtx 480
    790i ultra

    i could always get a new quad core cpu and put my e8400 in the spare pc but i think the e8400 is abotu as good as im going to get in games. at least untill the new sandy beach or bulldozer come out. I mean there are betters but not enough to justify buying one yet.
  11. Yeh, you should save your money to upgrade your CPU.
    An E8400 is a huge bottleneck for even a single GTX480, let alone two.

    A GTX480 is equal to a GTX295, and according to Tom's building a balanced PC, an E8400 bottlenecks a GTX295.

  12. any one have botle neckcharts for a gtx480 in sli? I havent been able to find one. for now ti looks like i may upgrade to the q9550, or the q9650. not sure if the q9650 is worth the extra 60 bucks.
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