HD 4670 or 8800 GS

ok im asking this cz im buying a new vid card in a couple of days i have 90$
of my budget and i have my eyes on the HD 4670 but then i read something abt the 8800GS that its powerful now im rlly comfused which one should i buy cz the reviews i read are good to both medium-end cards
so any suggestions
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  1. I would pick the 4670 DDR3 version. If only because I have several of these in friends computers, and they are great performers. I don't have experience with the 8800GS, but I do know that if performance is the same between the two cards, I would have to assume the 4670 would be more power efficient, due to its newer development.
  2. thx for the reply i'll go for the HD 4670 since like u said need less power
    thx man
  3. I like 4670's, but have you considered the 5670? It's got better performance than the 4670 with only a slightly higher power requirement. They also sneak under $90 now, like this HIS from Newegg.


    Tom's 5670 review:

  4. I think you could use your $90 more wisely than a 4670 or 8800GS. As RazeryBandit mentioned the 5670 would be much better. However, my questions is what does the rest of your system look like? PSU, CPU, etc? If your PSU can handle it there are better options, however if it is a stock OEM unit, you may want to look at the 5670, it is better than either of the options you mentioned.
  5. thx for the replies dudes
    my cpu is core2duo E4400 2.0GHZ
    300 watts i forgot the voltage specs and the amperage specs (dats why i was looking for a low powered card )
    and yh i totally forgot the HD 5670 do u think my pc can handle it ?
    my current card is the 9400gt and im sick of it so i rlly need to buy a card liek i sid maybe tomorrow so will the HD 5670 run with no troubel on my pc
  6. I think it would work within your PSU's capabilities just fine. It wouldn't hurt to have the actual 12V amperage rating for the PSU, though.
  7. I think you will be fine with the 5670. Your cpu does not consume much power so it will leave room for the 5670.
  8. Pretty much my thoughts exactly, jay. Though I'd like the see the amperage number to be sure. Who knows? This could be some dinosaur of a PSU with 30A 3V, 40A 5V, and 10A 12V...
  9. thx guys the HD 5670 will be mine tomorrow
  10. yh i checked the rating and dude lucky guesss Razbery the same as you posted a dinosaur
  11. Really?! Were those guesses spot on?
  12. yhhhhhh but one is wrong :P
    the first one its 27 A 3 V and the second one its not 40 A its 30 A:P but and the last one is correct but i mean lucky guess :P
  13. Hmm... then this could present a problem... 10A of 12V power is only 120W, maximum. A 5670 can draw a full 75W (6.25A) on it's own, so it would already draw up to 60% of all the available 12V power at full load... E4400 is what, a 65W CPU? So that's 130W with both under full load. This is not good. Not good at all!

    Is it a standard ATX power supply? You can get a more modern design with more 12V power relatively cheap, and of decent quality. Well, in the US you can... Where are you?
  14. its ok man i have another psu its a reserve
    i don remember the voltage an amp cz its in the depot a 450 W psu
    i live in beirut lebanon
  15. and im soo sure its a good one so i just put in my pc now and evrything seems fine so thx for all ur replies
  16. Well that's a relief. If you get a chance to check it and it's got at least 15A (preferably a little more for some cushion) then it should be just fine.
  17. ok man ill check it later gotta get ready for the new card :P
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