Slow Ocz agiltiy III

For some reason although i have changed from ide to Ahci when i ran crystaldiskmark i have like
bellow 200 in sequential read and max 150 at write...
why it is Soooo slow? it should be faster?
I have my Os installed on my ssd and the boot take like 2 min!!!!(i have skype,kis 12,steam,demon tools,logitech keybord gaming software,teatimer(S&D),ati driver)
For some reason the slower "part" of the boot is when it says Welcome where iut takes some seconds and then some times i have a black screen with only my mouse pointer being visible and after some time it loads my desktop normally....Any ideas?? i am quite disheartened with the results,i imagined the boot time and such much snapper :/

P.S Mobo Z68x-ud4-b3
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  1. Advertised speeds for OCZ drives are with ATTO & AS-SSD benchmark software.

    CrystalDiskMark uses highly incompressible data to test Read/Write speeds.

    Advertised speeds with AS-SSD (which also uses highly incompressible data) are "up to" 180MB/s Read and 65MB/s Write on the 60GB drive. The advertised AS-SSD speeds on the 120GB drive are "up to" 195MB/s Read and 130MB/s Write.

    Also, verify that you have your drive connect to one of the Intel 6Gb/s ports, not the Marvell 6Gb/s ports.
  2. i have,so my values are ok?
    thanks god!:D (i was stranggling 1 day to make my pc work as i encountered many problems,propably psu related which solved their selves out! :D
    what about boot time?what do you think?
  3. Sorry, I don't know what you can do about your boot time.
  4. To augment what dererk 47 said (which was correct).
    1) the agility III SSD is a Sata II SSD dressed in a SATA III Wrapper.
    Reason I say this is that in real life usage it performs no better on a SATA III port than when on a SATA II port. This was documented in one review, and as I have 2 128 gig agility IIIs I verified on my systems. In fact that is were I now have my Agility IIIs connected.

    2) the advertized spec is for Sequencial performance using ATTO (A HDD benchmark) which uses Highly compressable Data.
    .. A) A OS + Program drive is closer to NON-compressable data, reason AS SSD is a much better benchmark in that it is closer to real life performance.
    .. B) Sequencial is the LEAST important parameter for an OS + Program drive, It's the random 4 K read/writes that are important.

    3) I use AS SSD, primarilly becase it shows if the driver is correct (Yours should be iaSTor (slightly better than the default msahci driver). Also shows if partition alignment is correct.

    4) Don't get me wrong, the Agility III will still run circles around a HDD, just not up there with the Big boys, which is the reason t it cheaper.
  5. Thank you!
    Big boys?
    i have installed any intel driver for the sss but maybe windows 7 update did (i have hearth that it caused bsods with ocz agility 3)
    should i install anything?
    Thank you guys for your time :)
  6. If you download AS SSD and install and open it (DO NOT need to run Bechmarks). In the upper left it will show:
    SSD make/model
    Firmware version
    Driver (if it shows pcide, it will also show "BAD"
    Partition alginment, if OK it will show "OK"
  7. my driver is msahci
  8. Then you are in AHCI mode.
  9. i know that, so i don;t have to install any intell strange special driver..right?
  10. No, Microsoft AHCI drivers are very good.
  11. ^ True, just that performance is slightly better with the Intel drivers. However, would probably NOT see any performance difference in Real life usage, on in benchmarks.

    LOL, first time I've seen Intel drivers labled as " intell strange special driver"

    Bottom Line, don't sweat the msahci vs iaSTor,
    .. JUST USE and ENJOY.
  12. thnk you guys,you've been very helpful!
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