HAF 932 case with LED lights?

Hey guys, just put together a new rig and loving my new HAF 932 tower case. This is not a really big deal , but I'd like to add some red LED lights in it because there seems to be only one red one in the front of the case. Since there is a window at the side of the case, I just like to be able to see through it instead of darkness. I understand most people don't like the lights, but I do! I thought about getting new fans with LED so thats one option. Although the size of the HAF fans seem to be sorta unique and hard to find in stores?

Anyone know where I can actually buy some small led lights or something where I can just tape or hook them in the case? I could go with xmas lights or something, but that may be a little overboard :) Then again, those aren't possible because there are no connectors to the motherboard or whatever.
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  1. They make led lights for cases that just use a standard 4 pin connector. I bought some red ones for my haf932 it cost me 5 bucks and they really add to the look of my case. Here is a link to the the same one i bought.
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