Can my PSU handle these VGAs ?

Hi there, all Tom's Hardware Members

As this is my first question, I hope to get some answers Please.

Next weekend Im going to upgrade my system to the following configuration

Core i7 930
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
OCZ Platinum 1600 MHZ Triple

SO here is the qeustion, I have antec ToughPower Quattro 850W, Will it handle

2* HD5850 In Crossfire + 8800GTS G92 For PhysX ???

Or I'll Be needing to upgrade my PSU aswell ??? :o

The two HD5850 requires 55-60 AMPs, the 8800GTS G92 requires 28 AMPs.

So, Will My PSU be sufficient ??

thank you, I tend to talk alot, sorry. :D
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    I don't know where you got those amperage figures from... I think you got total system power confused with the power each actual card needs.

    No way that 8800 needs 28 amps of 12v power. Maybe for a whole system with it in it, but the card itself only needs about 8 or 9 amps (96-108W). And the 5850 Crossfire setup needs about 25 or 26 amps (300-312W).

    I think you'll be fine since the TP Quattro 850 has a maximum 12V amperage rating of 64 amps. Though, you'll have to use a Molex-to-PCIe6-pin adapter, as the PSU only has 4 PCIe power cables.

    Remember, W = A x V
    So, A = W / V
    And, V = W / A

    12V is a given constant, and Wattage ratings are readily available in reviews. It's pretty easy to get the amperage ratings from that.
  2. ^+1
  3. Thank you for your quick answer.

    The Guru3D has a review in which Hilbert compare HD5850 to HD5850 CF, He mentioned that crossfire configuration need 50-60 AMPs!!

    another review for 8800gts g92 says it needs 28 AMPS!

    I know its that total power draw, but I needed to be sure that my PSU an handle the stress.

    Its a shame that i have to use the converter, but what can I do.

    thank you so much.
  4. You're very welcome. The figures they gave in the reviews were for the entire system, not for each card. By your method, you were counting the rest of the system twice :)

    Stick around and see if someone else cares to offer a different opinion, though with DellUser's approval, I doubt someone will dispute it.
  5. Your PSU can defiantly handle all of those graphics cards you mentioned plus.
  6. Please dont use the 8800 with the 5850's! Its seriously not worth the hastle and you will probably see an increase in temps which you probably dont want considering your already going to have 2 in crossfire.
  7. You will have a few higher temps but depending on your case fans and speeds you set them at you shouldnt have a problem with heat. if you dont have very many fans or you want to get another just to be safe here is a great add on for any case. it works wonders for me and my 9800gt which runs about 85 C under full load w/ g card fan at 100%. Temps dropped from 85 C to 65 C!

    Here is the link:
  8. ^+1 for SpotCool! Those things are great for small cases with poor airflow. They'll mount almost anywhere and aim anywhere too. Can really help ensure the top card in a closely fit SLI/Crossfire config is getting some air.
  9. So in conclusion, your PSU can handle all of the graphics cards you plan to throw at it. If heat is an issue then purchase the spot cool to keep things cool. You shouldn’t see anything going above 75 C (just a guess I could be wrong since I don’t know your ventilation and case fan configuration)

    Man your gunna have a sick computer!!

    Have fun!

    Link to Spot Cool: [...] -_-Product
  10. what a great community,

    I came from work to find more and more replies, thank you guys so much.

    special thanks goes to RazberyBandit and Delluser1. :)
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  12. marney_5 said:
    Please dont use the 8800 with the 5850's! Its seriously not worth the hastle and you will probably see an increase in temps which you probably dont want considering your already going to have 2 in crossfire.

    Im only considering it for PhysX Only.

    I will try this fan thing also, hoping that my temps kept under control.
  13. You should only need a fan like that if your cards are stacked so close together there's barely any room to breathe. You may not need it at all of your side-panel has a fan or vent you could mount a fan in the GPU location.
  14. Thanks.

    do you think its worth it to have 8800gts for physX purpose ??
  15. Honestly? :)

    No. Maybe in some titles that implement it really well, but in most games that even support it, it's just an added feature, not a must-have.
  16. I know its not mandatory.

    but my friend have Sapphire HD5850 Toxic Edition and the same 8800GTS G92, in games like batman ( which is fixed intentionally for PhysX) his frames drop to obsolete when he take out the 8800.

    so in games like this it will come in handy.

    - what other games utilize physX, if they're few i can always take out the 8800.

    thank you so much razbery, you're so helpful.
  17. fadymahfouz said:

    do you think its worth it to have 8800gts for physX purpose ??

    I tried using my old 8800GTS with my 5870 for physx. I wanted to see if it worked for Batman, so I got the nessesary drivers, hacks and a good tutorial from youtube and gave it a try but found out that its very messy having all those drivers in your system and it gets hot! Lots of video anomalies and crashing! plus its better to use windows 7 because vista doesnt allow you to use the hack.

    Thats why I said that its not worth the hastle.

    Then again some people have not experienced these issues and are ok with it!
  18. I tried the same combo in my friend's rig, i didn't counter any issues.

    I have to use Windows 7, because Windows Vista doesn't allow more than one GPU.

    How was your FPS improved in Batman ??
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