The original Dell disk cannot be activated...???

I have a Dell that I needed to reinstall XP sp2 back onto a new hard drive. All went well until I attempted to activate it. The original disk & ID#s on the computer case (Dell) are not accepted and it then says they are not real, valid, or whatever.

I even tried a software download, that reveals the ID#s from the disk installation - it will not accept those either. Here is the funny part of this: I used the Microsoft "MGAdiag" to diagnostic it, and it came up with all but the first 2 sets of 5 numbers to activate it..... then the ID Tool gave me all of them from the disk install..... they all matched what the MS - MGAdiag said it was.... still, the install cannot be activated and it says it is invalid. ????

So it does not like the COA from the original computer from the factory, .....and it does not like it's own installed ID,.... Is there anything MicroScrew does like any more?? :??: (humor)

HOW can I activate this legal and correct copy of XP? Thank you for helping!
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