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Hello all. My purchase will be arriving within the next few days and I am trying to figure out the proper mounting of my case fans. The case I purchased is a NZXT Beta Evo. It has one fan in front of the hard drives, two on the side of the case, one in the rear, and two on the top. Will someone please explain to me the proper mounting, as far as exhaust and intake -- and furthermore, how I know...and how I mount the fans correctly, to know if they are exhausting or intaking air. Thank you.

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  1. it should be self explainitory how the fans should be installed. as far as possitioning them so they will be an intake or exhaust...the side of the fan that will be blowing air out should be concaved or shaped as if it were going to scoop the air and push it >.>

    better yet...just plug it in and feel which side is blowing air before u bolt it down.
  2. Ha, I feel stupid. I was a bit too in depth. It's obvious where they are placed, my questioned was directed towards intake or exhaust. Thank you :hello:
  3. its all in teh way the fans are shaped and angled...if ur looking at the intake...the fans will look like the back side of a spoon. if its the exhaust side it'll be like the scoop side of the spoon >.> srry for the bad use of terms.

    but like i said earlier...just plug it in and you'll see
  4. Bottom (close to ground) fans intake (to get cold air in the case), top (higher) fans exhaust (warm air is lighter and moves on the top of the case). Side fans is up to you, but usually intake as well.
  5. Excellent. I appreciate the responses.
  6. I got mine set up Front, top and side fans all intake, rear fan and slotfan are exhaust, the scoop analogy above is a good guide but nothing beats plugging it in and feeling the airflow :) play around a bit and see what works for your setup tho,
  7. Bottom/front and side fans = intake
    Back and upper fans = exhaust

    There is an arrow indicating the air flow direction on almost every fan.

    Cool air comes in from bottom and sides, hot air comes out from top.
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