What is the performance loss on putting an AM3 CPU on a AM2+ Mobo?

i am planning to upgrade my mobo from asus m3a78em to m4a88gtd.currently my cpu is amd phenom 2 x4 965 be.everyone knows that m3a78em is am2+.ive searched the net and it says the 965 supports am3mobo and am2+.now my processor 965 is running fine with m3a78em.my question is that will there be a huge difference in performance when i upgrade my mobo to am3 m4a88gtd since it is ddr3.i am an animation student and i want to get high rendering performance in autodesk maya.help is needed.
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  1. i think that its just that am3 cpus have ddr3 controller but am2+ support ddr2 only
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    Going to DDR3 RAM will be a benefit but where you'll get the bigger benefit is going with high amount of RAM and looking at a Phenom II X6 processor. You'll see a bigger benefit from that, along with the use of a SSD in your system for the application. Just going from a DDR2 to DDR3 motherboard with the same amount of RAM, will see only a minor improvement.
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