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I have a laptop that is crapped out and it has a microphone and a camera. I want to do some modding. How should I go about doing this?

Any suggestions on cool mods or laptop part conversions?

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  1. Well, you could salvage the screen and keyboard/trackpad for later use but the camera and mic are pretty cheap/useless and you would be better off really going and getting any kind of webcam, although those cameras are tiny....
  2. yeah super small plus an extra chip I found attached to the mother board for noise cancellation.
  3. one does anything with these cameras?
  4. This isn't really a modding forum, mostly the discussion here is centered around new desktop building/troubleshooting.

    You would probably have better luck googling for laptop mod websites.
  5. Know of any? :D
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    coldsleep said:

    I know it's a huge inconvenience and all to say, "No, I don't really," but this behavior always annoyed me so much. Unless somebody's being obnoxious and just won't put the effort in, there's really no need to throw out lmgtfy.

    I think that in cases like this the only person that ends up looking bad is the one that throws it out.
  7. I said "you should goolge X"...implying that I don't know of any offhand.

    The response was, basically, "could you give me some links"? At that point, I think it's an acceptable response.

    If I had dropped lmgtfy right away, yes, that would be rude.
  8. I don't really hang out at these forums, but that seems to be the response at most. People need to chill.

    Google it...the point of forums is for discussions between people. If you don't want to talk to people why bother being on a forum?

    Besides I did google it and that is why I am here. Didn't get any good results. I am hoping for some insightful modders to help me out.

    If you don't believe me here is another post on another forum where I am searching for information.

    Thanks for any help.
  9. bit-tech seems like it was a good choice to start.

    Other ideas: - is a pretty well-regarded hacking community - looks like they've had trouble with spammers but may have a couple of ideas.
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