Empire total war no AA

Just bought a 5850 to replace my 8800gts.

I get no AA in game no matter the setting in game, with CCC or ATI Tray Tools.

I was told that disabling SSOA will allow AA (haven't tested yet) which would be frustrating since I paid for a good card to be able to use setting like this.

The strange this is that I had the same problems with my old card, and I certainly wasnt using SSOA or volumetric effects. I tried formatting, using old drivers, forcing with nVidia CP to no effect.

Now I buy a new card, completely different manufacturer, and I'm still getting this problem.

I'm really frustrated that this problem is so persistent, and I hear that it's been around since the 9.6 drivers. Why haven't ATI fixed this yet?

Is there anything I can try to fix this?
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  1. Thanks for that. I figured it would be something like this.
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