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When I reboot my Inspiron 1520 Windows XP computer with 4G of ram the icons take about two minutes to load. The background appears immediately. I have run an antivirus, malware and it is not infected or has spyware. i dont know much about computers, only enough to navigate certain commands when a tech is guiding me. I did take some programs from the startup and downloaded a PC Registry Cleaner that has very good reviews. It still does it.

I am not able to restore it to an earlier date. It will not accept any date . It always says it cannot be restored to an earlier date. Very sporadically will also turn the screen black for less than a second and come back like nothing happens. Once the icons load I am able to work on it ok , but I know this is not a normal thing in my laptop. The laptop is about 6 years old. I take care of it like it was a precious gem so I do not understand why this is happening. I haven't installed or downloaded anything new when this started to happen.

I also did a scandisk that repairs the faulty sectors and I have defragmented the drive. I have done all this before I came here to the forum.

I would appreciate any help. I have a program installed in my computer that will only work on Windows XP so I am desperately trying to save this computer. I cannot buy a new one for a long time so if you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

Thank you so very much for any help offered.

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  1. One of these should help:


    Both do the same thing but you may find one easier to follow than the other.
  2. Thank you so much . I'll follow the links.

  3. Followed instructions and did the steps. Did not work :cry:
  4. Then it's time to start looking at your startup items.
  5. I disabled in batches (meaning in groups of 3 programs) and nothing changed. I have been at it since today at 9 am. I dont understand why is doing this since nothing new was added and it is protected from viruses. I even disabled Norton antivirus because I read it could also cause a problem even though Ive had it for the years I have had this computer and it never has given me a problem. It still the same. I also did a Microsoft fix it and a Bootvis. I dont know what else to do.

    Ivonne :pfff:
  6. Quote:
    ....since nothing new was added....

    When was the last time Windows updates were installed? (that counts as something added)
  7. I am not sure , but if I remember well it was about two weeks ago. How can I check that? I am not computer savvy :)

    Thanks again
  8. I found it!

    last update was January 15th and it was Security for Internet Explorer 8 which I do not use (KB2799329) for Windows XP
  9. Chances are very good that you have ".NET Framework 4.0" installed. There aren't that many titles for XP that use it (TurboTax is the only one I'm personally aware of) and it is known to bring XP's boot process to its knees. Look through "Add/Remove Software" (make sure "show Windows Updates" is checked) and try uninstalling all ".NET Framwork 4.0" updates, but only 4.0, do not touch the other ones.
  10. Ivonne24 said:
    I found it!

    last update was January 15th and it was Security for Internet Explorer 8 which I do not use (KB2799329) for Windows XP

    Good find. .NET Framework 4.0 is also a suspect. If you still have problems then remove it. Otherwise just continue on business as usual.
  11. Thanks!! I'll go check and try it. I will give it a while and be back

    Thanks so much
  12. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :(

    I only have up to Microsoft NetFramework 3.5SP1 and I cant find the one I saw was installed on 1-15 The most recent one that shows is 1-09. I clicked show updates so they are all there.
  13. I was able to find the one on 1-15-13 it is the security for Internet explorer 8
  14. I received an email to rate the answers. All answers were really helpful. I really can't pick one because Iwill fell bad. The issue was not resolved, but not because of lack of trying or people helping. Thanks for all the help received. To all who replied :)
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