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I built a pc..but the memory was installed by the seller of the cpu and motherboard. Anyway, everything works fine but I am getting ONE beep code when the pc starts up. I have an Intel Core 2 Quad and Intel MB. If I go into Bios , it shows 2048 in both slot 0's but in system properties it shows 3.99 RAM.

I've researched it, but can't figure out if the beep code is bad or not. Because I can't figure out the bios manufacturer.

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    most pcs have a beep loading up, its a everything checks out beep :) id worry more if there was no beep or a repeated non stop beep.
  2. Thanks ..the PC I had for 5 years never I wasn't sure...I did read that the amount of ram listed under Properties of My Computer will not always show the full ram so that is not an issue either..So I guess it all worked ! *smiles*

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