Can't get SLI working on an EVGA p55 SLI

Hello everyone!
I just recently built a new system. Everything has been working well until i tried to add a second GTX260.

Each card works individually just fine.
The problem is when both cards are in the top 2 PCI-E slots (x16 / x8). The top one will turn the monitor on but send no signal while only the bottom card will send a signal. In windows the only card that will be detected is the bottom card at x8.

I have swapped cards in both spots to no luck.

I have uninstalled drivers, booted in safe mode and did the driver scrubber and reinstalled drivers to no luck.

I have switched between a51 and a59 bios to no luck.

The only time i could get both cards to be recognized is if one was in either the x16 / x8 slots and the other in the x4 slot.

My system:
Coolermaster Storm Sniper Black
Intel i5 750 (stock atm till this sli stuff is sorted)
Tuniq 120 extreme
4gigs Corsair Xm3 1600mhz
WD V.Rap 10,000rpm
WD Caviar 500GB
BFG GTX 260 Maxcore 55 OC
Corsair 750w PSU
Sony Blu Ray Reader
Standard DVD Burner
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Both cards are slightly different but every resource ive found says they should sli together.
Im probably at the minimum for PSU but i dont think i load over 700w ever and the 12 volt rails have 60 amp which i thought should be enough.

If anyone can help me out or point me to a fix that would be fantastic.
Thank you so much!
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  1. Did you connect the SLI bridge? :D
  2. lol yeah. I have 2 different ones and tried both.
    The system should still detect both cards shouldn't it?
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