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Hi there. I am a first time PC builder.

I posted a similar question under DVD drives, but perhaps I would be better asking a broader question here.

I have a SATA HDD connected to a SATA port.

I have a SATA DVD connected to a IDE port via a IDE>SATA converter.

The DVD has power but wont boot up my OS DVD (or any DVD's)

I have tried various combinations in BIOS which I thought were logical, and in return have had a number of unhelpful messages from my BIOS and no joy in booting up my OS.

How should I be setting up BIOS?

Hopefully one of the many knowledgeable experts on this branch of the forum will be able to help!
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  1. There should be a "Boot Sequence" option in your BIOS, set the first boot device as the DVD drive, then save settings and exit.

    If it still doesn't boot try connecting the drive through a IDE cable instead of a converter
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