Rampage III Extreme only seeing 4/6GB of RAM

My machine is only showing 4gb of ram, out of a total 6gb installed. It's showing this in both windows, and the bios, however cpu-z shows the full 6gb. My mobo is a rampage iii extreme, and the ram is a corsair CMX6GX3M3A1600C9 triple channel kit. I've read a few other threads around the web, and have tried a few suggestions (configuring the memory setting manually, adjusting the QPI/DRAM and DRAM bus voltages, etc.) but nothings worked.

Any suggestions?
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  1. I already seen this problem.I've got this mobo.
    sorry for my english i'm a french person.
    So yu get to set your cpu ratio manually,set your bclk to 133,your dram frequency to 1066 mhz and its timings to factory defaults.
    and verify at the bios post message that you are at your default factory cpu frequency.
    Now look after the dram capacity it would be right.
    If it's not,flash the bios with the last version of bios an d pute the settigns below again.
    Good Luck!!!
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