4-pin case fan and only 3-pin motherboard connector?

I have bought two new case fans and am now trying to install them into my case. The fans have a 4-pin connector to motherboard, and I thought I know that my motherboard has two of these.

However I have now realized that the board (ASUS P7P55D-E LX) has only one 4-pin and one 3-pin case-fan connector. From the manual they seems to have different purposes:

The first one has these explanations for the pins: GND, CHA FAN PWR, CHA FAN IN and +5v.
The other one has these: GND, +12v and Rotation.

Is it possible at all to install the second fan on to this motherboard?
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  1. You can install the 4-pin fan in the 3-pin mobo connector without any problem. When using a 3-pin power connector with a 4-pin fan header, the fan will always be on. There is no fan control. But It will work fine.
  2. Thank you for your reply. So it will just be to attach it the only way it fits? It does not matter that the pins according to the motherboard has different purposes?
  3. It doesn't matter at all.
  4. Thank you, it worked out fine.
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