Liquid cooled overheating???

Hello i just recently bought a rig from cyberpower pc
AMD Phenom II x4 BE 955
MSI 770 G45 mobo
MSI Geforce 250 GTS twin frozer OC (Coming in the mail today or tomorrow)
4gb RAM
750w PSU

I also received a Asetec 510LC liquid cooling system
my case is a Xion AXP 600 Mid-Tower Gaming Case with 4 Fans AND a PCI card slot fan
not to mention a PSU and Video card fan from my 9600GT that is in it temporaily.

As i am typing now AMD overdrive and core temp reads my temp at 45 degrees celsius.
When i load my cpu with a game or a stress test it stays in the range of 50 to even 67 degrees celsius, Im not a professional or anything but that isn't normal is it. My old dual core could play L4D 2 with no overheating but this can't even play it for more than a hour or so before it hits the 60's??

What gives i have liquid cooling??? :ouch: :heink:
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    When did you install the water cooling rig...?

    Is it a closed CPU loop, or do you have other waterblocks?

    Also what monitor/resolution are you gaming at?

    I also play l4d2 on a pII x4 955.. max around 60 also.. with stock cooler... so i would suspect an error of some sort in your water cooling system
  2. I'm gaming from 1280x1024 to 1600x900 I've also noticed GTAIV runs very smooth up until i hit 62 degrees celsius then i get severe in game lag everytime so im convinced its the cpu temps and nothing else.

    It basically steadily increases when i do much of any gaming. i even set L4D 2 to use 2 cores but the temp didnt go down.

    my voltage is 1.325 my cpu which is slightly lower than stock isnt it?
    its setting at 45 now.

    btw i didnt install the liquid cooling myself it came installed by cyberpower pc im sure the paste is correctly applied assuming that cyberpowers staff are professionals.

    personally i wonder if anyone else has this same cooling system with a quad core? If so maybe the 510LC simply isnt up to the task of cooling a quad core?
    Should i get a new heat sink and ditch the 510LC if so what one can i get for under $40???

    Cyberpower should inform you if the cooling system they offer isn't compatible with your cpu :non:
  3. Your temps are in perfect acceptable range.

    You get what you pay for.
  4. I would complain to Cyberpower 1st if you get nowhere a coolmaster hyper 212+ is a great cooler in that price range
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