I've been checking the prices on various monitors and I have noticed that proper 22-24' LED displays are coming out priced between $200-300. Last time I was in the market for a monitor LED monitors were $1000 ish. Are these cheaper LED's any good or should I go for an equally priced LCD?
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  1. I assume you mean LED Backlight LCD displays? If so, yes, they are at least as good as their CFL counterparts, however they are thinner, lighter, and use less power.
  2. i agree with ext 64, i just got one and i love it.
  3. LED LCD's as mentioned above just have LEDs are a backlight source. Other than that they are the same LCD panel. They use less power(less heat), and are thinner and lighter. That is it. They tend to have a slight blue hue to them as well as compared to the CFL lit ones. I personally don't have a preference and prefer to focus on getting a better performing monitor. I'm sure they will all be LED eventually but until they cost the same, I won't bother. Asus make some nice ones, but I don't like their Ero design that holds them up with a plastic doughnut.
  4. The Asus LED was the one that looked interesting. This is the exact product I was looking at.

    Is there a comparably priced non led that is better?
    Are the claimed contrast ratios accurate? 10000000 :1 seems a bit over the top.
    I saw some Samsungs that are 300cd/m2 and this is only 250 but the asus has much higher contrast ratio.
    What sort of refresh rate should I be looking for?
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    It is a Dynamic Contrast. So it is both true and false. CFL's had it too, but they could not dim as much. Most TN monitors top out in the 1000:1 range in true contrast. Note: Dynamic contrast is when the monitor dims the backlight in dark scenes to give better contrast in them. Unfortunately, this is very noticeable in my opinion, so I never use it. Recent tech (in TVs only so far) has a full grid of independent LEDs (as opposed to only edge LEDs) that allow for certain sections of the screen to be dimmed individually. This improves dynamic contrast, but it is still far from perfect.
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  7. thanks for the input guys
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