Bad artifacts please help

i will post a picture of this soon.

I am trying to determine what is causing this problem. Whenever I play games like World of Warcraft, I get this fuzzyness in certain parts of my monitor where certain colors are. Darker colors like brown and blue get this fuzzyness. Earlier after this fuzzyness had been going on for about 8 minutes, i got terrible artifacts of all sorts all over making it impossible to use my laptop. Almost like if someone was wiggling my video card or something.
Any ideas?
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  1. Hard to say till you post a pic, but more info on your system would help too- what computer, and what GPU? Could be your GPU overheating as just a first guess, but to have any real idea we need more info.
  2. Your GPU is failing, and being a laptop, it could be a fatal condition... Hook up an external monitor and make sure it's not your LCD panel...
  3. Sometimes it could be a connection going bad between the hinge and where the display plugs in. My gateway had this problem.

    Move the display and see if it helps.
  4. Well even on a laptop cooling fans and vents need to be cleaned ones in a while. That should be the first action taken here.
  5. Cleaning the fans is always a good idea.
    Also- is it STILL unusable or did it just artifact until you shut it down and rebooted or whatever?
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