ATI 5870 eyefinity edition... Eyefinity issues?

I'm having some problems getting eyefinity to work with my new 5870 eyefinity edition??? I am using the cables that were supplied by the manufacturer which is H.I.S

Set up
3 Acer v223w
3x 5870 crossfireX
2 mini-dp to DVI
1 mini DP to hdmi(Using HDMI to DVI cable)

It always disables 1 they all work individually.. I just cannot find a fix.

it only give the stupid 2x1 or 1x2 option..

I've included a screenie of what I see when I attempt to create group for eyefinity..
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  1. I think you are running into the classic "one of the displays needs to either BE displayport native, OR have an ACTIVE DP to whatever adapter" issue with the 5xxx series. Even with the eyefinity edition, I think you still need to have at least 1 active displayport to whatever adapter, so you'll need one of them.
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