Computer shutting down under stress

Hello, I currently installed a new rig using the following components.
Kingston 4096MB PC10600 DDR3 1333MHz
Biostar A785G3 AMD 785G Socket AM3 Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X2 555 3.2Ghz Black Edition AM3 CPU
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I am able to unlock all 4 cores and load up into windows. CPUID and windows both recognize the 4 cores and the name changes to a 955. The issue i have is with 4 cores unlocked, any kind of stress via gaming or prime95 would turn the computer off, NOT restart within seconds.

I have tried to Google my problem but no one seems to have the same issues with the computer just turning off. It seems the most common issues is that temperature would get too high and the computer would either freeze or restart. Or a core is bad and prime95 would bring up an error log saying so. I get neither of these.

Fun Facts:
Temperature is not an issue as it barely hits 45c when turning off.
Bumping the voltage to 1.3 turns the computer off the second prime95 starts.
Bumping voltage to 1.35 allows the computer to post but turns off the second windows begins loading.
Bumping it to 1.4 does not get past the bios screen before turning off.
Using 3 cores, i am able to get a good 3-4 minutes before Prime95 turns computer off. But i am able to play TF2 perfectly fine.

I suspect that it might be my power supply. Its a pretty old Rosewill 500w that I have been using for years. Is it possible that the power supply does not have enough juice to power a quad core? Does a quad core take any more power then a Dual? Or is just that I always get unlucky and both unlocked cores are bad?
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  1. You have a PIIx2 chip that can't be unlocked to a quad core. AMD turned their quads into duals and triples for a reason - many have defective cores.

    Try turning your PII into a triple core. If that still causes crashes, then you just have a dual core that can't be unlocked.
  2. /\
    What he said. It is probably a faulty core. Disable and retry, in other words, rinse and repeat...
  3. funny, i have a PIIX2 555 and its unlocked to a quad. although i agree, a faulty core could cause the issue

    however...rosewill is junk. old rosewill is..well, junkier.

    get yourself a better psu. it would help you diagnose your issue since a faulty psu could cause reboots under load. even if the problem persists after psu replacement..atleast you wont have to worry about fireworks associated with uber cheap psu death

    if youre using onboard video, a corsair 400w would be nice. of course, any antec/ocz/seasonic/enermax/silverstone unit would be good as well.
  4. Since bumping up the voltage decrease your uptime, i would suggest replacing your old rosewill, higher voltage means more power consumption which might be causing your PSU to overheat and shut off.
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