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I've recently upgraded my chassis and HSF for my i7 950 rig. Im pleased with everything except for when I plug my HSF into my mobo's 4 pin controller it just has it set to 100% by default. So I download Asus' buggy Fan Xpert to try and get a grip on the racket, which it allowed me to do (despite not recognizing 1 of my 2 chassis fans, and giving me 0 control over the one it did).

However upon restarting the mobo hangs after it detects USB connections, and if none are present goes into detecting SATA drives and just hangs. Only work around I have is wiping the CMOS then dealing with a miniature wind tunnel again.

Is there another fan controlling software that will allow me to shush my HSF when it needs to be, and NOT hang my BIOS? Perhaps I need to change a BIOS setting that might be conflicting with Fan Xpert?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. What HSF? How many pins does it have, 3 or 4 into your 4 pin mobo header?
  2. Im using Zalman's CNPS9900 NT and it has a 4 pin connector. I've found a way to silence my HSF via my BIOS, so major crisis averted. However I'm still curious as to why fan xpert would prevent the board from posting.
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