HELP CPU clock isnt stable

I have an issue with my newly built system. It worked great, stable and everything for a few days, THEN, got message saying system had error due to OC'ing. It wasnt OC'd, THEN a few days later -
The CPU clocks down to 803mhz and 4x multi all by itself. I see this on CPUID. It then jumps to as high as 2800 with 14x multiplier. Nothing is going on, it is idle and just jumps around between 803 and 2800. Now I am getting blue screens with error messages every few minutes and a restart. In the BIOS it says I am locked to 2800 and 14x. Also, RAM timings wont go to 7-7-7-21, they seem to set there but always go back to 9-9-9-24. Also, if youre familiar with easy tune6, the start up is 2800 and the tearget is locked at 803mhz. I have tried to set the multiplier higher and it refuses to move. I have deleted the easy tune6 and raised fsb to 210. It does adjust the clock but just slightly, not above 820mhz or so. I have reinstalled easy tune 3 or 4 times. I was careful to really delete it each time before reinstalling again. Also have deleted CPUID, and tried combos of one without the other and nothing at all except the bios changes I mentioned. I changed the psu to a brand new one, same make and model. I also reinstalled windows and reset the bios. I have built a few systems and never had this (Or any) issue before. I believe it might be the power faze on the MB at this point. Thought PSU because -(NEG)12v rail was at 4volts on speed fan. Have since learned neg 12v rail is almost inconcequential. Live and learn. But speed fan only showed me one of the 3 +12v rails, so I changed PSU anyway. I also disabled cool and quiet, and deleted the gigabyte green program. I loaded default and optimized defaults in the bios, as well as fail safe. Still nothing new. I have contacted gigabyte and requested help and an RMA. Does anybody have any ideas??
MB Gigabyte 890gpa-ud3h
RAM A-Data 4gb (2x2) 1333
PSU antec 550 basiq
CPU is cool under 30* C
Onboard gfx is ati 4290
Win 7 64
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  1. Sounds like a poor thermal junction ... did you list your temps?

    ... How did the thermal paste and cooler mounting go ?
  2. My temps are great, under 30C on everything at all times even during initial burn in with prime 95. CPU cooler is hyper 212 plus with dual fans. Paste was carefully applied, I was sure to add a little to the cooler base due to the heat pipe direct touch, to fill the gaps. Nothing leaked, so didnt use too much, but did put light film on cpu too. I used the cooler master stuff they supplied. Idle is around 24c and load never exceeded 30C. Have a CM HAF922 case loaded up with fans. 720 is just a fill in till new X4's hit. Have 5830 still in the box. Ran 3dmark 06 on the stock 720 and on board to BM it, got 2290 marks. Thought it was low, even for the 4290 on board so checked the clock speeds and found this issue, then the blue screens started.
  3. So much for an "easy answer" ... Hmmmmm ....

    PSU ? ... possible marginal voltage issues ... intermittent "heat/load related" ?

    = Al =
  4. ok ..... "load independent" power issue ?
  5. ... and ... the obvious ... flakey CPU failing within 90 days (intl burn period).

    = Al =
  6. OK so you dont think this is a motherboard issue then?? I can probably rma cpu to newegg I think. Hvae not heard from gigabyte yet. Would you suggest trying rma to NE??
  7. Tough call ... *I* would certainly tear it down to the screws and build it back up, from scratch ... start with a mobo and PSU outside the case and PROVE each component as good or bad ... but that is me.

    I just don't like fuzzy guesses, at all ... you can chase your tail for weeks.

    I am going to give you our GO TO troubleshooting doc ... THIS is what I would use and what I would do .... before RMA ... That's just me ...

    ... Go through this checklist VERY carefully and "DO ALL" if you have the fortitude.

    Otherwise, you are trying to kill a cockroach, in the dark, with an ice-pick.

    ... We'll consult with you and talk you through, ... if you like.

    ... Do the list ... take notes ... it really IS the only methodical way in which you can isolate the fault, absolutely ... the first time.

    = sigh =
  8. OK will do it. Have already applied for and received approval for rma on cpu from newegg, have already shipped it as well. While I am waiting, I will tear evenrything down and put it away, then rebuild using the guide when replacement arrives. I really think this is a MB issue. Gigabyte replied with some bs about it being normal. I followed up with a reply of my own. I will see what they say next. I was very clear in my initial explanation of the issues. Telling me its normal is probably a canned response. I've built several systems recently, and while not an expert I have never had any issues. Even have used very old parts from various scraped systems and managed to get them to work fine. Thank you very much for your help, I really enjoy tinkering and its not a chore to tear it down and re do it from the ground up. Not yet anyway.
  9. Well, don't be a stranger.

    Honestly, I will need to go back over this thread, with a fine toothed comb ... seems like it must be *ME* who has missed something ... Like I did not read or listen carefully enough or did not spot the clues or identify any "misinterpretation" of vocabulary or logic ... I hate issues that "hang" there !!

    = g'luck ! =
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