Something of an odd question, I'm trying to set up my primary PC (upstairs) as an HTPC for my living room tv (downstairs) - my first thought was a reeeeeally long HDMI cable, is HDMI cable like Cat 5e or RG6, where it can be of any length, and if so, where can i find a such a thing?
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  1. www.monoprice.com has up to 100' HDMI cables.
  2. Ok...just to clarify, Cat5e does have a maximum length before attenuation happens and causes significant signal loss.

    I do believe that all digital signals suffer from a maximum length in some variety or another. I don't think a really long cable will work, but am sure that some lengths do (I have a 25ft HDMI cable to a projector).

    I guess my next question is if your computer was upstairs, how would you control it to use it as the HTPC?
  3. I'm questioning the feasibility of this as well. I'm sure the cable length isn't the problem (unless you need more than 100 feet), as they wouldn't sell a cable longer than what's useable.

    The control is the major issue. I'd suggest spending a little extra and picking up a XBox 360. Connect it to a network and you can stream content from your PC no matter where it is.
  4. coldsleep- thanks for the link

    huron/madadmiral - i've got bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which are supposed to work for about 50 feet (the linear distance is obviously much shorter than the length of cable needed to wrap around the wall). that said, i would most likely just set up a playlist of music or tv episodes, throw it on random and go downstairs.

    also, i'm aware that attenuation happens eventually, but i was looking for cable lenghts longer than newegg/bestbuy sell, which is only up to 10'
  5. 50 feet really isn't that long of a distance. If you're a normal sized person, that will be about 15 steps. Are you sure the TV is that close to the PC?
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