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G1 Assassins 6GB/S Question

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June 18, 2012 10:58:46 AM

Hi everyone,

Thought I would long onto my brothers account to ask a quick question. He always say how useful you all are.

I recently purchased a x58 G1 Assassin Motherboard. As I'm sure you all know it has 6 3GB/S connections and 2 6GB/S connections.

My question is, I also just purchased a 6GB/S SSD from Crucial. I really don't want to put it into the 3GB/S slots as I want to try and max out the speeds (Which I purchased it for) would it work in the 6GB/S slot? Silly question I know but I was reading about it and it kept bringing up something about ''Marvell 88SE9182'' controller. Can anyone do their best to say if it will work and explain the marvell thing to me?

Thanks (:

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a c 523 G Storage
June 18, 2012 1:03:43 PM

If you look at Post #8 of the link that Hawkeye22 provided, it appears that the Marvell 88SE9182 controller is very close in performance to Intel's 6Gb/s controller.

So you should not worry about connecting your Crucial SSD to that port.
Just leave the other port empty to maintain maximum performance.
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June 18, 2012 3:27:20 PM

What would happen if I were to fill both ports? I have a really good deal to get 2 at nearly half price but I might not if their is something wrong with it |:
a c 523 G Storage
June 18, 2012 3:58:27 PM

There's nothing wrong with Marvell's 6Gb/s ports. It just can't handle the speeds of current generation SSDs. It was designed when 1st generation and 2nd generation SSDs were released.

You can connect 2 current generation SSDs to those ports and they will work; you just won't get maximum advertised speeds.
a c 372 G Storage
June 18, 2012 4:46:23 PM

Hawkeye22 said:
Admittedly, I've only done limited resrach on this. This controller only uses 2 PCIe lanes so theoretically, the SSD's throughput is faster than the controller.

See discussion here:

Dereck47 said:
You can connect 2 current generation SSDs to those ports and they will work; you just won't get maximum advertised speeds.

That is what I stated previously. Unfortunately newer technology obsoletes "new" technology quickly.
June 18, 2012 10:03:01 PM

Just a really quick question, you all have been great.

Could I use this M4 Marvell SSD in a Marvell 9230 port? I have just been notified of a great deal on a Asus Z77 motherboard and cpu combo so would that make full use of the ssd? Or should I get a newer ssd that is compatible with the 9230 port?
a c 523 G Storage
June 18, 2012 10:44:12 PM

Yes, the M4 will work. Any SATA drive is compatible with any SATA port.

Z77 chipset based motherboards have native Intel 6Gb/s ports.
Native ports always have better performance than 3rd party ports.
So connect your M4 to the Intel 6Gb/s ports instead of the Marvell 9230 ports on the Z77 motherboard.