Rosewill Green Series RG630-S12 630W - Is this good?

Hey guys I was wondering if this is a good PSU. I'm buying this from newegg in a combo deal.

Is Rosewill a good PSU company? It would be powering->
Athlon II X4 635
9800 GT 512MB
1 DVD Drive
3 case fans
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  1. I would but I'm on a strict budget. HDD + PSU for ~$110
  2. I understand. Rosewill PSUs are not known for top performance. That's why I recommended Corsair. Just like the engine in a car, the PSU is what powers the computer. Therefore, I would not cut corners.
  3. How about this deal ->

    The 1TB HDD is the reason why I'm kinda leaning toward the 630W Rosewill but I don't know much about Rosewill
  4. it got a good review from hardware secrets. rosewill tends to be hit or miss and there are some people stating they received DOA. for the price its more then enough for your setup.

    you can also get this corsair 400w PSU to run your set and its much cheaper
  5. The Newegg combo is a great one! Go! Go! Go!
  6. Ubrales said:
    The Newegg combo is a great one! Go! Go! Go!

    The Antec/500GB combo?
  7. Yes, the Antec/Caviar 500 GB combo that you listed in your prior post. And besides, this Antec is modular - nice feature!
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