Need a bit of help for xfx 5870 xxx


I am about to buy a new gfx card. My choice is the xfx 5870 xxx. But on xfx's homepage they have two different models of this card - so my question is if anyone knows what the differences of the two cards are?

The two product numbers are:


The following link is to the product comparison of the two models where every detail seems to be exact the same to me. Hope someone can reveal the big secret to me :)
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  1. Look identical to me... Could be they are different models for selling in different regions, like a North American version and a non-North American one since XFX only has the lifetime warranties on their North American cards?
  2. Hmm i didn't think about that :) It might be a good guess though its had to tell if thats the only difference :) Thank you very much for your time
  3. Well, all the specs, as you said, are absolutely identical. Also- I just did a quick google search for each of the model numbers, and the HD-587A-ZNDA came up with a bunch of European etailers, while the HD-587A-ZND9 came up with Newegg, and some other US etailers.
  4. Guess thats a strong argument :) And logical too. thank you again.
  5. no prob:-)
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