GTX 480 / 470

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  1. Really, at this point, since they will all pretty much be reference designs, the only difference will be warranty and customer service, and the decals and stickers, but yeah:-p. Other than that, most of the cards will be pretty much identical.
  2. Don't forget price. The biggest difference is simply price. You want to pay more or less.
  3. The only differences are the price, warranty, bundle, and of course box art which you've had plenty of time to preview ^_^. The cards themselves are all exactly the same save the sticker slapped on them. EVGA has some factory overclocked models, but it's not exactly a big overclock and you can do that yourself.
  4. Thanks for the information guys. I like the gigabytes 480 art design :D and also it will be available today :o i wish had the money to buy one.
  5. lol- If you like it, go for it when you have the cash :-)
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