Asus p5g41-m motherboard and Intel Core 2 Duo E7300

Hello,I purchased this motherboard and, after checking specs on ASUS site, purchased the Core 2 Duo E7300 only to find that it doesn't appear to fit the motherboard. Seems to drop in and fit but the arm can't close and I can see the cpu is not quite level. ASUS site not helpful as the specs indicate this cpu should fit. Now I'm worried about buying another cpu using their advice. Anyone had this problem? Am I putting this cpu in wrong? Only one way it will fit as far as I can see.
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  1. Both are LGA775 so the CPU should at least physically fit the socket. There should be a marking on the socket and the CPU in one corner that show the orientation.
  2. ^ that's a nice tutorial.

    Pay close attention to the notches on the chip and the socket.

    It's normal for it to require some force to lower and secure the retention bar. However, the chip should be in the socket flat.
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