I/o device error (0x8007045d)

I have Compaq 610 & running Win 7 ultimate.
While formating my 8gb USB the error coming as 'i/o device error (0x8007045d)"
Please help me to solve this problem & can email me at roy.mala25@gmail.com.
Hope to hear soon.
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  1. Did you try your USB on a other computer?
    Since when did it start to do this?
    Can you access your USB? (Other than Format it.)

  2. No i haven't try on other computer, also i have 8gb of HP, yes i can access but can't deleate or format my USB.
    Send send me the options i have to slove this problem.
  3. My suggestion is to RMA it. This type of error should be sent for a replacement or fix. So, if you still have warranty, go ahead and send it to Samsung and tell them you have the I/O error.
  4. That not possiable cus a USB was gift to me & it is 18mths old.
    Still waiting for the right answer so that i can use my USB.
  5. It seems that you enabled by accident the "write protection" switch.

    This switch can be found on the USB Drive itself, when you find it, switch it to the other position.

    -Hope it helps! :)
  6. How i have to find the "write protection" switch on my USB.....
  7. Its a physical switch that you can flip over on the case of your USB drive...
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