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I am looking at building a mini computer that has a touch screen for use in our Kitchen. The main purpose for this computer is so that my wife can lookup recipes, watch videos on youtube, play content from our slingbox, or just lookup stuff. It would be nice if it had a decent onboard graphics card and i would prefer that it be fanless, or have minimal fans. We won't be doing any gaming on the machine but it must be able to run the aeroglass effects nicely.

The computer size must be small enough to be mounted to the back of a monitor.

I would be looking at getting a 17" or 19" wide screen monitor (anything larger may not fit under the cupboards)

Essentially I would like to build it rather than get one of the EEE PCs. I am not partial to AMD or Intel but i would not like to have a system with a de-featured CPU (like celeron or sempron or ATOM). I would like to be able to run Windows 7 on this machine.

So Here is what i need:
Small Keyboard/mouse combo
Screen 17" or 19"

Price point im looking at under 500 for the PC and I have no idea on the touch screen.
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  1. Not really following you... The ION systems i was able to see appear to be ATOM based CPUs... and the HD4330 is a video card....

    Do you have a link, or maybe specific model numbers...
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