First time physically building...

So I have all these wonderful new parts and no real idea of how to put them together.

Could someone help by telling me where to put standoffs... That is where I am stuck and I really do not want to damage anything that I have just purchased.


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  1. Picture where the board will sit into the case. If so put in that I/O panel and then you can see where the holes are on the mobo. Then put the stand offs.

    BTW... I tend to do this alot so, don't use needle nose pliers and grab them straight down. You start making circular scratches into your case. Instead use a 5mm 1/4" socket with an extension to tighten them.
  2. I'm looking at the back of the motherboard and I have no idea where to put the standoffs.

    Would it hurt to install too many standoffs? Cause if not, I'll just go overboard.
  3. Yes! You could short out the motherboard! If there is no instruction sheet included with case then fastx21s' suggestion is a good one.
  4. I'm sure it's a great idea I just don't understand it. Am I looking for hole in the board? What tells me where the standoffs go? My case manual says to only screw in two standoffs. by the corner where the I/O panel goes
  5. Yes, all the standoffs must be placed directly under each mounting hole in the motherboard. You should not have any standoffs that don't line up with a hole in the motherboard.

    In addition to spending some quality time reading the motherboard owners manual you should read the "Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC" and "PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!" stickies at the top of the forum. The stickies will help you with putting the components together as well as avoiding some of the most common mistakes.
  6. Yes you're looking at the physical holes in the board. I mean usually each corner has a hole. Then a few in the middle. One in the left-middle.....etc.

    It's not like the holes are 1mm apart, they are very specific so you couldn't really mess up. But yes you could short your board if one touched too many contacts together.

    And no your manual is wrong, you want as many standoffs as you have holes on your board.
  7. so I'm all the way to the part where you take the cables from the front ports on your case and connect them to the motherboard..

    where does the "firewire" go? in a F_usb? also does the esata connector just go to any of the sata ports on the motherboard?
  8. The "fireware" plugs into F_1394 (Page 29 of Manual). The F_USB are for your USB's on the front of the case. The eSATA connects to any free SATA II slot you have open after filling them up with hard drives & DVD drives first.
  9. Firewire has been moved to the f_1394 part of the motherboard.

    How precise does the front panel wiring have to be? I just plugged them in.. all across the "bottom" wrong of prongs. except for the negative LED which went up a prong.. sorry for the terminology. I don't know the jargon :(
  10. They have to be precise to the point they are plugged into the correct panel slots on your motherboard... Power Switch to Power Switch, Reset Switch to Reset Switch... Etc. I believe page 26 or 27 shows the outline of what goes were.
  11. Put the MoBo in the case or on the MoBo and line it up.

    Look and see which holes you need to put standoffs in and mark em.
  12. Wow, thank you :)

    Uhm, my power LED is the only one that tells me whether it is negative or positive... the others just come in pairs.. What should I do?
  13. The others don't require a postive or negative. They are switches and can be installed in either direction.
  14. Ok. So. This is where I'm at.. and i'm calling it a night for now.

    I need to wire my case fans. I have three. Each one has a short wire that leads to 3 prongs which is connected to thicker, longer wires that leads to two heads, one "female" with four prong holes and the other "male" with four prongs. I don't know what they're for.

    My PSU:

    Has so many connectors and I have no idea where to begin. One connector is massive and I think it goes in the big, white rack on my motherboard. Next there is an adapter that is long and has a bunch of four-prong females on it and one end of this adapter goes in the PSU and I don't know where the other end goes. I'm guessing on the motherboard. Somewhere. the next adapter is like the previous but with a different kind of port.. like a SATA port or something. and then there is this short, simple adapter which isn't more than 12 inches long and has a black head and a red head.

    There are two cords that come directly out of the PSU. One, like I said, I think it goes in the big white rack next to my RAM. The other cord that comes right out of the PSU stems into two. One says PCI-express 8-pin (6+2) Now, I'm guessing that is for my graphics card (xfx5770) and the other half of this cord says "P3" and it is two 4 pin connectors...

    Someone please help... wiring is the worsttt
  15. Update:

    I feel so stupid.
    I now know the difference between SATA and molex. I have taken my molex pwer cable through and connected all the case fans to to a molex adapter. I have also ocnnected my HDD and optical drive via SATA cables.

    Will a 6+2pin work on a video card that requires 6pins? I'll just leave the two extra unconnected?
  16. Yes... the 6+2pin will work and just leave the extra two unconnected.

    Read through these two stickies for help and clarification on the build process.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC
    PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!
  17. I have successfully booted and am currently installing windows xp :)

    Thank you for all of the help. Hopefully everything runs smoothly from here on
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