Choosing chipset - i7 2600K

hi... i have decided to go with a i7 2600K. Trying to decide between H67 & P67 chipsets.
When i see this link, i dont understand a few options in it.

1. PCI Support - Not Supported
What is this? Is this same as PCI Express? Do I need to worry about this not supported?

2. PCI Express Revision - 2.0
What does 'Express Revision - 2.0' mean?

3. PCI Express Configurations - x1, x2, x4
This I am a little confused. I thought it comes in 'x1, x4, x8, x16'. Why is x16 & x8 missing? Isn't x16 the latest config?

4. # of PCI Express Ports - 8
I checked this motherboard & could count 7. Does the number signify the number of ports irrespective of configuration?

5. USB Revision - 2.0
I was looking for USB 3.0 support. Dosen't this mean that there is no point in me buying a USB 3.0 hard disk, ect., since my chipset does not. I wont achieve the 3.0 speeds. :(

6. Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
I hope this is supported! Else the processor is not put to its best usage.

7. Advanced Technologies
Advanced technologies are available in the processor, but chipset says not supported. Dosent it mean that these options are not available?

So many options missing....or am i missing something?

also the sockets supported are stated as - FCBGA942. Should this not be 1155 socket?
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  1. To use the integrated cpu graphics you must use a H series motherboard.

    To overclock your unlocked cpu, you need a P series motherboard.

    No you cannot overclock your cpu AND use the integrated graphcis because H series does not support overclocking.

    I know it doesnt make any sense to me either.

    Supposedly there is a Z67 coming out later on that will allow both integrated cpu video AND overclocking.

    P series motherboard either supports 1-16x or 16x/4x or 8x/8x, depending on which model you buy. The most expensive ones are the 8x/8x.

    Pretty much everything else is going to be about the same depending on which model you pay for.
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