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well i have ATI RADEON 5750HD with a E2180 dual core prosessor and very often (but only when im playing games) the screen becomes black and then,or,VPU Recover saves me a crash,or,this problem crashed me off the pc so i want to know under which circunstances VPU recover can get triggered
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  1. Well, it can either mean the card was asked to do something impossible (buggy software) or the card is unstable, or the card is receiving insufficient power. Keep an eye on temperatures, and maybe try underclocking the GPU a hair. What is your PSU?
  2. Also, what was the card you had there before? If it was a nvidia card, cleaning the drivers before installing this one would help.
  3. well i´ve 500w thermaltake power supply and my temperatures re 44cºidle and 56cºworkingM;if my card is unstable...it means i´ll have to change it?and i installed first the ATI drivers and then i uninstalled the nvidia ones.that could be a problem?
    thanks hernan
  4. Yes, it very well could be. Try driversweeper/drivercleaner (google around for instructions).
  5. ok tks ill try that
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