Cant Decide For a New Case.

Ok, so im getting a new case, and only a new case. I have picked out 2, but I really cant decide between them. The 2 are the NZXT Tempest Evo:

and the Cooler Master Storm Sniper:

Anybody have any personal experience or other recommendations in the sub $130ish market?
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  1. Both cases look really good to me.
    I use this case just to add another option.
    Good price at the moment.
    Cases are a personal choice imo.
    All these cases offer good airflow and value.
  2. I would go with either the HAF 922 or 932. I have the 922 and it is a great case to work with. Excellent airflow and easy cable management.|11-119-160^11-119-160-TS%2C11-119-197^11-119-197-TS
  3. i looked at those, and comparitively, i think these are better.
  4. I have the HAF 932 and it is the best case I ahve ever had. Space inside is immense, great airflow and very easy cable management. Pitty the inside isn't black, but I'm gonna do some case mods and paint it in the nxt couple of weeks.

    But realistically, pretty much any case over $100 will do a perfect job, so it mostly comes down to aesthetics and personal preference. have fun with whichever case u get!
  5. the storm may be ugly but it has the same airflow as the haf 932 and the black interior and cable management we all love
  6. the storm, ugly?! maybe to you! :lol:
  7. I got the Sniper BE and its awesome, its from a good company, comes all black with 4 stock fans.... worth every penny
  8. o, and listen everybody, yes i know, the cooler master storm sniper BE is amazing, in every way. The other one is too. Im not asking if they are good, im asking which one is better for the money.
  9. Considering Cooler master is quite good in making quality cases and cooling solutions... Its one of the better companies that you shoudl never be disapointed with...
    I say Coolermaster Sniper
  10. i should have done a poll :lol: well theres one vote for the sniper, do i hear 2? also take into account it is $40 more expensive.
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