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can i change 32bit yo a 64bit on windows xp :o
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  1. hey
    yea sure but u will need to respect the component
    like how many RAM do u have , your CPU

    can u give more information about your system
  2. I'd be careful about this. Win XP x64 doesn't have great driver support and you will need 64 bit XP drivers for all your current hardware and devices.

    Vista was the first 64 bit windows OS that had decent or better driver support.
  3. joyce7 said:
    can i change 32bit yo a 64bit on windows xp :o

    "Change?" No.

    Specifically, you cannot upgrade in place. A 32-bit OS installation cannot be upgraded to a 64-bit installation. You would have to save all your files somewhere and do a fresh install of 64-bit XP. Then re-install all of the software that you had on your system, some of which may not run on a 64-bit system. As Hawkeye22 stated, drivers for this OS version are thin.

    Also, your hardware would have to support 64-bit software. That would depend on what kind of machine you are starting with.

    Any particular reason that you don't want to start over with, say, Windows 7 64-bit, which is stable and has good, if not perfect, driver support?

    So tell us. What kind of hardware (make and model, or CPU and motherboard if you built it) do you have? Do you intend to do a clean build, or did you want to upgrade it while keeping all of your files and programs (not possible)? Why do you need 64 bits; maybe someone could suggest an easier alternative.
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