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I let a registry cleaner do a search of my hard drive and now I am having problems with my computer. What registry cleaner is safe to use?
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  1. Honestly I would do a clean install before letting a registry cleaner touch my computer. I ESPECIALLY would not let any cleaner that I was not 100% sure was legit by researching it and knowing EXACTLY what it was going to do run on it. One or 2 registry mistakes and you are stuck with a fresh install anyway. Might as well just skip the headache and go straight to reinstalling Windows.
  2. I did a search online about safe registry cleaners and found a website called I thought I could trust him. He said that he uses and suggests to others to use Registry Patrol. So I downloaded the software but it never opened correctly. I emailed and received the email notification that the emails couldn't go through to SO then I got afraid that it was all a scam and deleted it. But since my computer is acting very weird. I just want to clean up whatever to get my computer to act right again. I have done 3 degrags and my virus checker. But that hasn't helped. I hate going through the hassle of reinstalling windows. Then what happens to all of my programs and everything on my hard drive?
  3. I have never heard of this site before. Now generally I am the nerd that everyone I know asks so I suppose it could be a legit site ;) .
    Well bad news......the SECOND site that come up on googling "Registry Patrol" is this:
    You might can get your money back if you used paypal.
    I KNOW for a fact cnet is legit. Sounds like you got screwed. You really can not believe what people say about themselves you need to check and double check second and even third parties to make sure things are legit. ESPECIALLY when fooling with the registry. You may be lucky enough you can do a System Restore. If you have XP this will help:

    If that does not work you are going to have to reinstall.
  4. I use CCleaner for my Windows XP, which is free and works very well. For Windows 7, I don't bother.
  5. Ditto for CCleaner. Never had a problem and it's not as intrusive as other ones that have messed up my system.
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