Fan problems with R4670-MD512 (HD 4670)

According to ATI CCC, tray tools, GPUZ and afterburner, the fan speed on my card is always at 0% even when i push the temperatures up by running benchmarks? From visual, the fan is spinning but my system can't detect the speed? Any ideas?

Also going alittle off topic. I recently installed a new case fan that came with 4 pin (not Molex but looks something like a FDD power connector), plug with 4 holes and 3 pin plugs (those brown ones like the older CPU fan connectors). I plugged the 3 Pin plug onto my ASUS p5B deluxe motherboard, but the fan doesn't even spin at all. Neither does my motherboard detect the fan. Any ideas?

Help appreciated!
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  1. I have the same gfx, only now noticed that the fan is not running any more. I bought an aftermarket cooler, Zalman vf770
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