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In Windows 7, is it possible to do a system image of an SSD using a normal hard drive? Anything to be aware of when doing this?
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  1. It's entirely possible. You could use Windows 7's built-in backup, or any other backup utility. I do this.

    The issue is not when imaging the system, it's when restoring it. You need a bootable version of the backup / restore software so that you can boot from it and do the restore to the SSD. You can't boot from the SSD and then restore an image over it while it is running.

    (okay, you can boot from the SSD and restore an image over it while it is running, with some software, but it's iffy.)

    EDIT: Or did I misunderstand the post. I'm talking about using backup software to make an image file of the SSD, which can be restored if the OS fails and then booted from. Did you mean cloning the SSD and booting the clone, or something else that I misinterpreted?
  2. I am talking about cloning the SSD so that the image can be used in case of catastrophic failure of the SSD or just needing to go back to a clean install.
  3. yes, I've done that, use the latest version of ghost and clone it in DOS. Just like what you would do a normal disk.
  4. It'll work fine. There are a few system setups that should be tweaked in reverse if you port an OS from SSD to HDD, but in general it will boot. I have done it.
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