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I was looking at building a new computer soon, and decided that for my purposes (I7 overclocked and 470 gtx sli with a possible bump in voltage, also overclocked), I would require a 1000 W power supply. Seeing the terrible power draw these cards have I was trying to narrow down my list of PSUs.

Basic requirements include overall brand quality, warranty, high efficiency, and PFC (active or passive) while staying under $250 (I'm in the U.S.)

Any suggestions on brands, models, or product lines would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :D

P.S. It's not a bad thing if a suggested PSU is more than 1000 W, as I keep seeing a trend of more and more power hungry components (I'm looking at you Nvidia :pfff: )

P.P.S. I was also slightly underwhelmed with Toms first PSU review.
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  1. These are quality units|17-371-012^17-371-012-S01%2C17-171-049^17-171-049-TS%2C17-139-007^17-139-007-S01%2C17-371-036^17-371-036-TS
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    Here you have some quality 1000W (aprox.) PSUs:

    CORSAIR TX950 950W (by CWT)
    CORSAIR HX1000 1000W (by CWT) (modular)
    ENERMAX Revolution85+ 950W (modular)
    ENERMAX Revolution85+ 1050W (modular)
    THERMALTAKE ToughPower (W0133) 1200W (by CWT) (modular)
    COOLER MASTER Real Power M (RS-A00-ESBA) 1000W (by Enhance electronics) (modular)
    SAPPHIRE PURE 950W (by Enermax) (modular)
    SILVERSTONE OP (OP1000-P)1000W (by Impervio)
  3. I have the corsair 1000hx and love it. Good unit.
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  5. Nice suggestions. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :)
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