Xfx radeon hd 5770

Is this motherboard a true crossfire as in it will run them both at their max capacity?
biostar ta790 gx a3+

I got 1 radeon hd5770 and was thinking about buying another one to crossfire is there anything i need to buy besides the card?
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  1. It is x8 in crossfire mode With HD5770 it is not going to affect performance much maybe 1-2%max.
  2. how can you tell if its a true crossfire motherboard
  3. OK I fixed my link above so you can see the specification now. It is a true crossfire board but runs the cards in 8x8 configuration but a single card in 16x. If you get a FX chip-set board it will run crossfire in 16x16.
    It is only the most powerful GPU's like HD5970 that get affected by running on 8x lanes.
  4. arg well that doesn't hurry my 5770?
  5. It wont slow them down either.
  6. but really this board isn't going to slow down my 5700 1gb right?
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    No not at all with one card it is running in 16x mode it is only in crossfire mode that it drops to 8x8 but HD5770 will not notice.
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