Newbie system build need advice please

Hey guys I've never made my own PC before but I thought I'll give it a go (how hard can it be? I've upgradedmy graphics card in past without problems! :lol: ) Anyway I am looking to build a mid range gaming pc (£600 minus monitor) and I have looked up and am considering some parts and I was wondering how good they are in conjunction with each other and value for money etc..

CPU - Amd phenom II 965 x4

Ram - OCZ gold DDR3 (2x2gb) 1333mhz ram (its cheap and I'm on tight budget)

Case - NZXT appollo (looks awesome!)

PSU - Coolermaster silent PRO 600w or 500w not sure (modular)

Harddrive - Western digital 500gb

GPU - Either 5770 or 5850 but that might be too expensive for me. I was thinking of buying a 5770 for now and crossfiring later but that causes another problem

The motherboard I orginally intended to buy was the ASUS M4A785TD-V Evo but it turns out the crossfire capabilty on that is not good. The asus M4A79XTD Evo is better with x8 x8 crossfier support yet it is quite a bit more expensive and I'm not sure if i really need crossfire :??:
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance
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  1. If you can walk and chew gone while talking on your mobile then you can build your own rig.

    Better value for your money (for the samething)
    Amd Phenom II x4 $122 uk bucks

    You really like how that NZXT case looks? Then by all means. (please reconsider)

    Cas7 Ripjaws - $107 Uk weights

    HD - 500 gb 7200.12 $39 uk greenbacks

    5770 for sure ... any ... cheapest one you can find
    Sapphire 5770 - $132 Brit Bucks

    That leaves you 200 pounds towards a case and mobo.

    Antec 300 - $46 british colony money

    Forgot this:
    corsair 650w psu - $78... no stupidly wanna be clever british term.

    So about $80 for a mobo. It can be done....
  2. Thanks for the recommendations, I guess I'll get a single 5770 for now. I was planning to temporarily use my old 9500gt but I lost that (don't ask how! lol) I just seen the case you mentioned and its meant to be quite good specially with cooling so I might just get that. What motherboard would you recommend is thereaything in particular I need to look out for??
  3. 8x/8x/4x Tri CF capable but ya 8x/8x with just the 2 in CF ^^ Ebuyer UK

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